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Book Errata, Corrections and Updates
Last Change: 21 March 2001

The following table contains links to chapter-specific errata, corrections,and content updates related to the content of the book. Please note that each link is dated, so that you can see when the relevant content was last modified. If there is (as yet) no errata material, or additional content, the link is absent.

NOTE: Official XML Specification Errata -- The document at provides 'official' errata to the XML specification, including corrections to the EBNF expressions and clarifications of points in the specifcation. The errata listed below largely refer to errors in our own book, and do not reproduce all the errata listed in this official document.

Part / Chapter Corrections/Errata Updates/New Material
Part One
    Chapter 1    
    Chapter 2 4/March/2001  
    Chapter 3 4/March/2001  
    Chapter 4    
    Chapter 5 10/March/2001  
    Chapter 6    
    Chapter 7    
    Chapter 8    
    Chapter 9    
Part Two
    Chapter 1    
    Chapter 2 4/March/2001  
    Chapter 3 4/March/2001  
    Chapter 4 4/March/2001  
    Chapter 5    
    Chapter 6    
    Appendix A    
    Appendix B    
    Appendix C    
    Appendix D    
    Appendix E    
    Appendix F    
    Appendix G    
Part Three
    Appendix A 28/June/2000  
    Appendix B 24/Feb/1999  
    Appendix C    
    Appendix D 24/Feb/1999  
    Appendix E   18/Jan/1999
    Appendix F   4/March/2001
    Appendix G    

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