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Errata for Appendix A, Part 3:
Annotated EBNF for XML

General problem in this appendix: missing monospace font text
Oringially we intended to have all occurrences of terms from the EBNF appear in monospace (courier) font in the text, just as it appears in the EBNF statements. Unfortunately, this approach was dropped during production. At times, this may mean that the text is confusing -- if is seems so, check to see if treating the confusing word as a token from the EBNF causes the text to make more sense.

Page 295, lines 3--4 in Section A.2.1, Basic Nonterminals
The text that reads "excluding the surrogate blocks, plus the characters..." should read: excluding the surrogate blocks and also the characters FFFE16 and FFFF16.

Page 299, production rule 19 [24] for VersionInfo
This production rule is in error - it was wrong in the official specifiation, but corrected in the errata document at The corrected line in this book should be:
17 [22] VersionInfo ::= S 'version' Eq ("'" VersionNum "'" | '"' VersionNum '"')

Page 303, line 4 from top of page
The text that reads "statements 40 through 45 formalize..." should read: statements 40 through 45 formalize the notation appropriate to each of them.

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