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by Ian S. Graham and Liam Quin

Welcome to the supporting Web site for The XML Specification Guide, the complete, in-depth guide to the official specifications for XML. This site provides online information about the book, additional XML resources written by the authors, and online tools that can help you better use the official XML specifications. The The available resources include:

Description/Outline of the book Description and Outline

A chapter by chapter description of the book.

Examples and References Corrections and Updates: Last Updated: 21 March, 2001

A list of updates and corrections to the book. Look here to find out what's new since the book was published.

Examples and References Supplementary Resources and Tools

A collection of additional resources, not found in the book, that are useful for understanding the XML specifications and using XML. These include:

  • A searchable index of all XML specifications
  • A searchable index of EBNF productions
  • A set of XML design patterns -- based on the approach of the same name introduced in object oriented design -- applied here to modeling document architecture
  • A list of useful online resources

Questions? and FeedbackQuestions or Problems?

If you have encounter a problem at this site, or have any questions, please send mail to: We get a lot of mail, and thus can't promise to answer everybody, but we will try and do so, and will correct and update these pages as soon as possible.

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February, 1999

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