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Supplementary Material and Resources

Searchable Index of the XML Specification Documents

We maintain a searchable index of all the the XML specification documents, which you can search via our Web search interface (at the URL listed above). As additional standards are approved by the relevant working groups, this database will be updated with the corresponding new standards documents.

Searchable Index of Production Rules

We also created a searchable index of the EBNF productions that formally define the XML grammar. This is useful for quickly looking up rules in the grammar, and for determining where particular strings appear in the productions.

XML Design of Patterns
URL: patterns.html

The idea of Design Patterns has spread from software architecture, where it was first used, into many other realms. Here we apply the notion to the field of document markup. You can use our XML Design Patterns to recognize common situations, and can then design a markup model that is likely to be more easily understood by both people and software.

Extracted EBNF
URL: bnf-file.txt

Note: This file has been updated to account for all errata up to 4/March/2001.
The EBNF for XML defines, along with the well-formedness and validity constraints, the rules for writing well-formed or valid XML documents. For convenience (at least to us) we have prepared a small plain text document that list the EBNF production rules, along with the constraints. The constraints are all contained inside comment strings ( /* ... */ , so that if you are so inclined you can use this file to generate simple parsers for XML. This file has been updated to account for all errata up to 4/March/2001.

Other References and Resources
URL: resources.html

We have our own favourite lists of references and resources, and have made them publicly available as part of this Web site. Why not send us mail if you know of useful material to add?

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