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Errata for Chapter 2, Part 2

Page 142, production rule [24] for VersionInfo
This production rule is in error - it was wrong in the official specifiation, but corrected in the errata document at The corrected line in this book should be:
17 [22] VersionInfo ::= S 'version' Eq ("'" VersionNum "'" | '"' VersionNum '"')

Page 143, errors in text of XML declarations (three places on page)
The three XML declarations on this page are in error, and are missing a ? character before the > character that ends the declaration. They should thus read (correction in red):
<?xml version="1.0"?>

Page 143, error in first DOCTYPE declaration on the page (line 15)
This is pretty obvious: the text reads:
\!DOCTYPE list [
whereas it should be
<!DOCTYPE list [

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