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Errata for Appendix B, Part 3:
Character Sets, Character Encodings, and Document Character Sets

Page 325, last line of third paragraph
The text that reads "... encoding algorithm only uses seven of the least significant bits." should read: ... encoding algorithm uses only the seven least significant bits.

Page 328, First sentence of last paragraph
The text that reads "... all defined characters are encoded..." should read: all characters defined in UCS are located at positions in the range 0 to 65,535.

Page 339, End of paragraph just following item 7 in the list:
The text that reads "... all defined characters are encoded..." This paragraph notes, in brackets, that "... we are using a fixed-width font to stress that thes are the actual names of the symbols in the XML BNF." This fixed-width font was lost when the book was put through production. The words in the preceding sentence that should be in fixed-width font are: BaseChar, Ideographic, CombiningChar, Digit, and Extender.

Page 345, table caption.
The caption notes that some items are "... indented, and in boldface". The indent was lost when the manuscript was typeset -- but the boldface is properly preserved.

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