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This site has useful material not found in the book. Visit
the supplementary material section to see what's available!

Book Chapter Examples, References, Corrections and Updates

NOTE: All sections are dated -- Each document is marked, at the upper right-hand corner, with the date at which the document was last modified, to let you immediately know where and when new material was added.

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Chapter 6 R 17/May/1999
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Chapter 8 R 7/April/1998
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Supplementary Material

Some useful material didn't make it into the book, mainly due to space restrictions. This useful content is, however, available from this Website, via the links given below.

[ HTML ~ Word 6 ] Glossary of Web and Internet Terms  
[ HTML ~ Word 6 ] Web Management and Maintenance Tools  
[ HTML ~ Word 6 ] Appendix A -- Character sets, character encodings, and Document Character Sets
Demonstration Documents:
ISO Latin 1 Characters:   ISO Latin 1
Character and Entity References:   ISO Latin 1 ~ Symbol Entities ~ Miscellaneous
Charset Names:   Names
[ HTML ~ Word 6 ] Appendix B -- Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)  
Test Documents:   mimetype.html -- List of common Web MIME types
[ HTML ~ Word 6 ] Appendix C -- Obtaining software: Shareware Archives
[ HTML ~ Word 6 ] Appendix D -- "Listening" and "talking" at a TCP/IP Port
Test Documents:   listen.c   backtalk.c source code listings
[ HTML ~ Word 6 ] Appendix E -- Tags for identifying languages--RFC 1766
Test Documents:   ISO 639 Language codes,   ISO 3166 Country codes
[ HTML ~ Word 6 ] Appendix F -- Color Names and RGB codes
Test Documents:   Standard colors,   Cascading Style Sheet colors,   Extended colors

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