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2 April 1998


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Downloading Instructions

1. Select the link corresponding to the archive type you want. Your browser should prompt you to save the file to disk. Save the file into the directory you created in step 1. If you browser does not prompt you to save the file to disk, you should check your helper applications menu. The archive files are served out as the MIME type application/octet-stream. Your browser must be configured to save files of this type to disk.

2. Expand the Archive by the method appropriate to your system -- On a Windows 95/NT machine, the program "WinZip" (available from http://www.winzip.com is fine. On a UNIX machine, you use the unix uncompress or gunzip commands to decompress the file, followed by tar to expand the archive into files and directories.

Special Note: Macintosh or Windows 3.1
Macintosh -- Modern versions of stuffit expander can extract from UNIX tar or ZIP archives -- so just take one, and try it.
Windows 3.1 or DOS -- Unfortunately, the filenames in the archive are too long for DOS/Windows 3.1. If you are using DOS/Win 3.1 you will need to retrieve the documents and images from this site by hand, one at a time, store them on your disk, and then edit them to adjust the names.

Available Archives

archive.tar UNIX tar archive    (1720320 bytes)
archive.tar.gz Gnu zipped UNIX tar archive    (535345 bytes)
archive.tar.Z Compressed UNIX tar archive    (846961 bytes)
archive.zip Win95/NT ZIP archive    (637181 bytes)

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