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Test of Universally Defined Color Names

This document uses a table with cell-specific background colors to illustrate browser rendering of the 16 basic defined color names. You can use this document to test your browser's support of these color names.

Color Name BGCOLOR= "name" BGCOLOR= "rgb" Color Name BGCOLOR= "name" BGCOLOR= "rgb"
Aqua Aqua 00FFFF Navy Navy 000080
Black Black 000000 Olive Olive 808000
Blue Blue 0000FF Purple Purple 800080
Fuchsia Fuchsia FF00FF Red Red FF0000
Gray Gray 808080 Silver Silver C0C0C0
Green Green 008000 Teal Teal 008080
Lime Lime 00FF00 White White FFFFFF
Maroon Maroon 800000 Yellow Yellow FFFF00