Miscellaneous characters for HTML: HTMLmisc

The following table lists special characters defined as part of HTML 4. This mostly consists of punctuation characters, plus a few special characters. The entity names are not supported by Netscape Communicator 4, but are supported by Internet Explorer 4.

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Character # (Decimal) Character # (Hex) Character Reference Entity Name Entity
Description ISO
Latin Extended-A
338 0152 ΠOElig Πlatin capital ligature oe ISOlat2
339 0153 œ oelig œ latin small ligature oe ISOlat2
352 0160 Š Scaron Š latin capital letter s with caron ISOlat2
353 0161 š scaron š latin small letter s with caron ISOlat2
376 0178 Ÿ Yuml Ÿ latin capital letter y with diaeresis ISOlat2
Spacing Modifier Letters
710 02C6 ˆ circ ˆ modifier letter circumflex accent ISOpub
732 02DC ˜ tilde ˜ small tilde ISOdia
General Punctuation
8194 2002 ensp en space ISOpub
8195 2003 emsp em space ISOpub
8201 2009 thinsp thin space ISOpub
8204 200C zwnj zero width non-joiner NEW RFC 2070
8205 200D zwj zero width joiner NEW RFC 2070
8206 200E lrm left-to-right mark NEW RFC 2070
8207 200F rlm right-to-left mark NEW RFC 2070
8211 2013 ndash en dash ISOpub
8212 2014 mdash em dash ISOpub
8216 2018 lsquo left single quotation mark ISOnum
8217 2019 rsquo right single quotation mark ISOnum
8218 201A sbquo single low-9 quotation mark NEW
8220 201C ldquo left double quotation mark ISOnum
8221 201D rdquo right double quotation mark ISOnum
8222 201E bdquo double low-9 quotation mark NEW
8224 2020 dagger dagger ISOpub
8225 2021 Dagger double dagger ISOpub
8240 2030 permil per mille sign ISOtech
8249 2039 lsaquo single left-pointing angle quotation mark ISO proposed
8250 203A rsaquo single right-pointing angle quotation mark ISO proposed

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