Public Domain Software

I wrote the following Web-related software packages, all of which are distributed as free / open source software. Most of them are pretty old now, but they still work, so I hope you find them useful! If you have any questions, Please email at . Please note, though, that this software is offered as-is, and is not supported in any way.

WebNotice. Last Updated 24 September 1996

WebNotice is a system for posting and distribution of event notices, such as colloquia, seminars, conferences, etc. An example of this application, in use at the University of Toronto, is found at: Additional information and downloading instructions are found here.

Redirector: Document Forwarding Gateway/SSI. Last Updated 22 July 1996

A simple server-side include / gateway program combination to help you migrate pages from one place to another. This returns a document listing the old and new locations, and passes instructions to the reader asking them to fix bookmarks, or to send mail to pages that need to have their links corrected.

Server-Side Include Test Suite (Largely Obsolete). Last Updated 28 November 1996

A test suite for evaluating the functionality and security aspects of a server's server-side include features. The package consists of a Unix tar archive consisting of parsed HTML documents, test gateway programs, and some instructions. To run the suite, you will need to install several programs and files in particular locations, and add the appropriate entries into your server's configuration files.