Talk Presented to WebGrrls
Toronto, 21 January 1996

Presentation Slides

PowerPoint 7 ~ PowerPoint 4       (<-- PowerPoint for Windows )

NOTE: -- If you don't have PowerPoint on your system you will need to do the following:
  1. Download and place together in a directory (on on the desktop, if you are using Windows 95) the two files:
    1. pngsetup.exe
    2. pres0.bin

  2. IMPORTANT -- Rename the file pres0.bin to pres0.png.

  3. Run the program pngsetup.exe. This unpacks the presentation (pres0.png) and installs a PowerPoint player on your system -- when you run the program it will ask you where you want to install the presentation (the default is C:\ -- a bad place!). You will want to enter instead a temporary directory, for example C:\PRESENT -- the installer will create this directory for you if it is not already there.

  4. That's it. There will be five files in this installation directory: the only two you care about are pptview.exe and webgrrls.ppt. To run the presentation, just double click on the pptview program - this will prompt you to load the presentation (webgrrls.ppt).

  5. That's all!

Stylesheet Demonstration Document


Scripting Demonstration Document

js1.html (text) -- Dynamic Document Generation
js2.html (text) -- FORMs and Windows

Netscape "Layered" HTML Documents

flower.htm (text)
fish2.htm (text)

Program Archives

Netscape Communicator (Netscape 4.0) Beta (9,413,342 bytes)
MSIE 3.01 (10,357,320 bytes)
Netscape 3.01 (3,632,640 bytes)