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Page Last Updated: 12 August 1996
Latest Software: Version 1.1 Patchlevel 3

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1. General Information & Package Overview

Thank you for your interest in WebNotice, a package of CGI programs (in perl, Version 4) for controlled posting of notices to a Web-like seminar notice board. An

NOTE -- Perl 4, not 5
Webnotice currently runs only under Perl Version 4, and not Perl 5. If your system is running perl5, you can still install perl 4, and use it as well -- you just need to give the perl executable a different name (e.g. perl4) and install the perl4 libraries in a different directory than the perl5 ones. We have done this locally, and it is easy. You can obtain the perl4 source code from the CPAN archive, at http://www.cpan.org/src/unsupported/. I am afraid you will likely have to compile this yourself. It likely will be easier to upgrade the WebNotice code to support Perl 5.x.
overview of the operation of WebNotice can be found in the WebNotice overview document, as well as in the online help manuals.

This package is under continuous development (doesn't everyone say that?). If you are intersted in keeping up-to-date on new releases, please register with me as an offical user, by sending mail to

ian DOT graham AT utoronto DOT ca

(address obfuscated to reduce spam: simply change DOT to . and AT to @ and remove any spaces). Please send along your own name and e-mail address. If you wish, you could also let me know the intended use this package -- it's always nice to know what is being done with it, and is useful information when I am working on upgrades and changes.

2. Downloading Instructions

The package is distributed as a UNIX tar archive -- you must have perl Version 4 on your machine to run the package (it requires some simple modifications to run under perl 5.) The archive is also available in compressed format, should you have the appropriate decompressor. The package contains a technical manual, installation instructions, and a copyright notice. Experimental and older versions of WebNotice are available at the bottom of the page)

Most Recent Stable Version -- Version 1.1p4

Archive Size
Last Updated
webnotice.tar.Z 362607 bytes (compressed) 24/September/1996
webnotice.tar.gz 218689 bytes (gzipped) 24/September/1996

3. PostScript Tutorials

The following PostScript notes are used in WebNotice training sessions here at the University of Toronto. They are large postscript files, owing to the included screen captures, so I am making them available only in compressed formats. Please write me if you wish them uncompressed.