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Draft Coding Documents

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Created: 18 September, 2000
Last Update: 16 October, 2000

Author(s): Ian Graham

Draft Coding Documents

Goals. It would be nice to hack up a perl and java implementation. I figure writing the stuff out is easy (no special libraries needed). For reading XML and turning it into a syndicationMessage object, I think that an XML processor and a SAX interface is the best choice. There are perl and Java implementations, so it should be straightforward.

uml-diag.png or uml-diag.eps or uml-diag.pdf (16 Oct 2000)
A UML diagram showing an object model corresponding to an in-memory model of a syndication message.

methods-props-16oct.txt (16 Oct 2000)
A text file listing the different objects and giving a rough (very!) listing of their public properties and methods.