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Last Modified: 5 June 1996

   AbsPathToFile           position in local filesystem (or location 
			   in database)
   AbsUserOwner            user owner 
   AbsGroupOwner           group owner 
   AbsReadAccess           read access (user, group, world)
   AbsWriteAccess          write access (user, group, world)
   AbsExecuteAccess        execute access (user, group, world)
   AbsRawType              directory | file | symlink  
   AbsFileStat             status of file or link, plus mapping to real 
			   resource if link
   AbsLastModified         last modification date
   AbsLastAccessed         last  access date
   AbsLastStatusChange     last file status change
   AbsFileSize             file size  (also available directly from file access)
   AbsLinkTarget           destination of link (NULL if not a link)

   AbsTextIndexContent     partial text content of text files, for indexing
   Abs_VCS_VersionType     Type of Version control.....
   Abs_VCS_VersionNumber   Version control.....
   Abs_VCS_VersionAuthor   .....
   Abs_VCS_LockStatus      .....
   Abs_VCS_LockOwner       .....
   Abs_VCS_LockManager     .....

Quantities Know To Server

   ServerContentType       Mime content type, 
   ServerContentLanguage   content-language (null if non-text)
   ServerContentEncoding   (null if not compressed)

   ServerMappedDirectory   Forbidden | listing | mapped-to-file

   ServerAccessControl     Server-based access controls (structure)
                           + methods + IP/Domain + passwd + encryuption

   ServerURL               URL for the object
   ServerURLtype           Real | Redirected | Server-Builtin
   ServerURLtoObject       Link to related object (null if redirect or builtin)

      What about other servers (gopher/ftp?) I believe we can assume
      that these are not likely to be used for archiving Web documents,
      so I have ignored this possiblity.


If not accessing through a server .... we only have the following ---


   AppPathToResource   // Apparent path and filename for the resource
   AppResourceType     // Type of resource (regular | directory)
   AppLastModified     // date/time
   AppLastAccessed     // date/time
   AppLastStatusChange // date/time
   AbsPathToResource   // Absolute path and filename for the resource (if 
			  a symbolic link, or if portion of AppPathToResource 
			  contains directory links)

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Last Modified: 5 June 1996