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Cover of XHTML 1.0 Web Development Sourcebook
ISBN 0-471-37486-5
471 pages
September, 2000

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The XHTML 1.0 Web Development Sourcebook:
Building Better Sites and Applications

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New references to content management systems; (11 March 2001)
URL patches and HTML and CSS Quick Reference Sheets (10 December 2000)

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Book Excerpt: A handy guide to authoring cross-browser style sheets.

Chapter-Related Content
  Figures and Examples Corrections Updates References
Chapter 1 - Markup and Layout Review: HTML and CSS     Refs-1
Chapter 2 - XML: The eXtensible Markup Language     Refs-2
Chapter 3 - Software Processing of XML and HTML     Refs-3
Chapter 4 - Technical Web Page Design     Refs-4
Chapter 5 - Web Site Architecture and Design     Refs-5
Chapter 6 - Web Site/Application Design and Management     Refs-6
Chapter 7 - Internet Networking     Refs-7
Chapter 8 - Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)     Refs-8
Chapter 9 - The HTTP Protocol     Refs-9
Chapter 10 - Data Processing on an HTTP Server 5/Sept/2001   Refs-10
Chapter 11 - CGI Programming Examples and Parsed HTML     Refs-11
Chapter 12 - Web Application Development Tools     Refs-12

Supplementary Content and Full-Text Appendices
  Appendix Text Corrections Updates References
Appendix A - Character Sets, Character Encoding, and Document Character Sets     Refs-A
Appendix B - Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)     Refs-B
Appendix C - Monitoring HTTP Transactions     Refs-C
Appendix D - HTTP Methods and Header Fields Reference     Refs-D
Appendix E - Syntax for Apache Server Side Include (SSI) Commands     Refs-E
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See Appendix D

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