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Cover of XHTML 1.0 Web Development
ISBN 0-471-37486-5
471 pages
September, 2000

Site Download Instructions

The XHTML 1.0 Web Development Sourcebook:
Building Better Sites and Applications

Site Last Updated: 1 April, 2001

Site URL:

Download this entire Website, and install all the example documents and extra material on your own computer or local network.

  1. From the list below, select the link corresponding to the archive you want (all files use the UNIX tar archive format, which is understood by almost all PC or Windows-based file unpacking utilities). Your browser should prompt you to save the file to disk. Save the content wherever you want -- just make sure you can find it afterwards!

    archive-xhtml2.tar.gz  Gnu zipped UNIX tar archive    (approximately 245 Kbyte)
    archive-xhtml2.tar.Z  Compressed UNIX tar archive    (approximately 385 Kbyte)
    archive-xhtml2.tar  UNIX tar archive    (approximately 971 Kbyte)

  2. Expand and install the archive using the tool appropriate to your system. On a Windows 95/98/NT machine, the shareware WInZip program (available from is fine. On UNIX systems, use the unix uncompress or gunzip commands to decompress the file, followed by tar to expand the archive into files and directories.

Special Notes:
Macintosh -- Modern versions of StuffIt (or other, similar tools) can extract the formats provided here.
Windows 3.1 and DOS -- The filenames in the archive are too long for DOS or Windows 3.1. If you are using one of these operating systems, you will need to retrieve the documents, images and other files from this site by hand, one at a time, store them on your disk, and then edit them to adjust the names.

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