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Cover of XHTML 1.0 Language and Design Sourcebook
ISBN 0-471-37485-7
656 pages
March, 2000

Web Site Introduction

The XHTML 1.0 Language and Design Sourcebook:
The Next Generation of HTML

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by Ian S. Graham

Welcome to the supporting Web site for The XHTML Language and Design Sourcebook, your complete tutorial and reference book for the XHTML, HTML and CSS languages. This is essentially the fifth edition of the popular HTML Sourcebook -- one of the World's best-selling books on HTML and Web publishing. However, this new book is much expanded, with tutorial chapters covering HTML, XHTML, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and extensive HTML/XHTML and CSS reference sections. No professional Web developer can afford to be without a copy of The XHTML Language and Design Sourcebook!

This supporting Web site contains the following useful information:

Examples, References and updates section Examples, References and Updates

All the example documents listed in the book, plus online versions of the listed references, and corrections and updates to the book content.

Download this site information Download This Site

You can download all the example documents and other site content to your own computer, and have your own personal copy of these resources. Visit this page to obtain the site archive.

About this book section About the Book

If you're comparison shopping for a book on HTML, XHTML and/or CSS, please visit this document to see an outline of this book's content. This information, combined with a quick look at the Examples, References and Updates section, will help you determine if this is the book for you.

Other Books/Resources by Ian Graham Other books by Ian Graham

I have written several books on Web authoring and Web technologies, plus other Web resources you might find useful. The books overview page lists the books I've written, and provides links to the supporting Web sites. My own home page provides links to other resources I have authored.

Questions and feedback Questions?

If you encounter a problem at this site, or have a question about the book, just send me mail at Wiley Computer Publishing will forward the message on to me. I get a lot of mail, and thus cannot promise to answer everybody -- but I will do my best.

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