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Core XML: The XPath Language (Part 1)

As described in the November 2002 issue of CPU - Computer Power User magazine.


HOWTO: Using the Style sheet and Demo to play with XPath

To play with the example XML document and style sheet you need an XML editor that supports XSLT. THere are many that do: a good list is found at http://www.xslt.com/xslt_tools_editors.html.

Recommendation: XRay XML Editor --
One of my favourites Windows tools is a simple, free XML and XSLT editor named XRay, available from Architag, at http://www.architag.com/xray. This editor lets you use a simple menu to select an XML document and an XSLT stylesheet, and then pops up a third window showing the results of the XSLT transformation. The best part is that shows this result in real time -- the output changes instantaneneously as you edit the XML or XSLT! It's a great way to try out different XPath expressions, and see quickly and easily the results.

Online and Downloadable XPath Tutorials and References

Books covering XPath (and XSLT)