Example Pages from Introduction to XML Talk

MathML Information
MathML examples
http://www.software.ibm.com/techexplorer/ (IBM TechExplorer download. The download includes example MathML files)
Mozilla browser

SMIL Information
http://www.real.com (RealAudio G2 Player download)
otscompfin1.smil (SMIL Example)
otscompfin1.txt (SMIL Example -- as plain text so you can read it!)

XHTML Information

Simple Example XML document
test.xml (plain text )
test-style.xml - with a CSS style sheet. (plain text, style sheet )

Netscape Open Directory and RDF
Structural data RDF example, Content data RDF Example

Netscape Navigator 5 Browser -- XUL
You can look through the site to find information on how XUL is used (with JavaScript and CSS) to define the layout and functionality of the User Interface.