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The full title of the document, for example: MIME Parameter Value and Encoded Words: Character Sets, Language, and Continuations.

The name of the document being referenced. If this is an Internet RFC/Internet Draft, or a W3C Recommendation/Note, you need only give the file name: for example, rfc1866.txt (RFC), draft-freed-pvcsc-01.txt (Internet-draft) or REC-PICS-labels-961031.html (W3C Recommendation). If the document is availble in more than one format (e.g., HTML, text, postscript) please indicate those variants here.

If the document is not one of the above, please give the full URL for the resource..

List the major category keywords corresponding to the subject content of the document. For example, the HTML Internationalization RFC might take the three keywords HTML, Web, and Internationalization. A useful glossary of abbreviations and keywords is available.

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This is the date at which the document was completed -- this is not the date of entry into this system.

If the document is slated to expire, then this expiry date should be entered here. If the document is an Internet Draft, you do not need to fill this in -- the software will do so automatically.

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