XML Patterns

Running Text Pattern


The Running Text Pattern is used for general textual content that may contain markup at the phrase, word or symbol level but not at the block level.


The Running Text Pattern has these participants:

Block Level Elements
The environment in which the pattern occurs
Internal Markup
Markup that can occur within Running Text
Running Text Definition
The implementation of Running Text


Running Text is usually represented in a Document Type Definition as a Parameter Entity. The actual elements listed will vary from DTD to DTD, depending on the application; the Pattern specifies only the use of the entity RunningText:

    <!ENTITY % RunningText

The pattern is used in the content model of other elements:

    <!ELEMENT FootnoteBody

The purpose of a single definition for Running Text is two-fold: firstly, to encapsulate the concept of generic running text, making the intent of a document type definition clearer; secondly, to ensure that the same set of basic elements is allowed everywhere text is allowed.

Additional elements can be added for a specific situation as follows:

    <!ELEMENT PlaceName


This pattern does not require special processing. It is normally only seen by a validating XML processor.


In a complex Document Type Definition, it may be convenient to include other parameter entities in the definition of RunningText:

    <!ENTITY % RunningText

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