The ACME Magic E-Wallet

Main Product Features:
* Fully integrates with Windows 95/98 or Linux
* Supports Level 2 secure SET protocols
* Allows one-click shopping at most commercial sites
* Safe, secure, and simple to use
* It's free, open source software
* Auto-update feature for immediate patches and updates

Product Description

The ACME Magic E-Wallet is the first of a line of products that will allow for simple payment for downloaded content. As described in our white paper, this technology supports cost-effective micropayments, and will allow for effective payments in the amount of 1/100th of a cent.

Based on Current Standards
The ACME Magic E-Wallet is designed following the Internet RFC standards 6543 remote resource, 6544 remote resource, and 6545 remote resource. By using open standards, Avarice Software is producing software with maximum interoperability, and ...