Common HTML Extensions

A) Regular Text and a Marquee

Here is some regular text and then a marquee: Look out -- Falling Aardvarks!!
Here is some more regular text. This is not an exciting example but, as I have pointed out, the imagination starts to fade at around 3:00AM.

B) Regular Text inside a Nobr

Here is some regular text, but placed inside a nobr so that lines are*wbr* not broken, except at br or wbr elements -- I have placed the string *wbr* right after every ocurrence of an <wbr> tag. This is rather boring but, hey -- *wbr* whadaya want at these prices?

C) Multicol Example

There are three types of spacers, "block", "horizontal", and "vertical". The first example is a block spacer, with a height of 40 pixels, a width of 60 pixels, and left-alignment. Here it is -- -- and there it was. Notice how it floats like an image, with text flowing around it. Of course, a blank, fully transparent image works just as well--and also works on other browsers.

Horizontal and Vertical

Horizontal spacers are like tabs: here is one of size="40" (40 pixels long)--| |-- see how it tabs across. Vertical spacers moves text down and also cause a line break. Here is a 40-pixel vertical space: --||--there it was.