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21 September 1997


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Overview -- All the documents from this supporting Web site can be downloaded as an archive, and installed on your personal computer. This archive is available in two possible formats: UNIX tar and PC PKZIP. Simply select the archive you want, and download the file to your hard disk. Please see the bottom of this page if you have another type of computer.

Windows/OS/2 PKZIP-Format Archive:   stylebook.zip   (approx. 199030 bytes)
This archive is stored in the standard Windows ZIP format. You can use any of the standard ZIP programs to unpack it (PKUNZIP, WinZIP, etc.). Note that the archive uses long filenames -- so that the archive will not unpack properly if you are using Windows 3.1.

Unix Compressed TAR Archive:   stylebook.tar.gz   (approx. 132140 bytes)
This archive is stored in the UNIX tar archive format, and is Gnuzip compressed. On a UNIX system, simply use the command

gunzip stylebook.tar.gz

to unzip the archive: this creates a new file named stylebook.tar. Next, unpack the archive by typing the command:

tar -xvof stylebook.tar

This creates, in the directory containing the file, a new directory named stylebook/: the book website documents are then placed in this directory. For example, if the file stylebook.tar was located in in the directory /home/ann/, then the command would create the directories and files such as:




/home/ann/stylebook/chap1/.. files... 

/home/ann/stylebook/chap2/.. files...

... and so on ...

Macintosh, VAX, And Other Platforms
There are no archives specifically created for these platforms. However, most standard Macintosh "decompression" programs (StuffIT, for example) can unpack UNIX tar/zipped or PKZIP archives, so just download one (or both) of the archives and try it out with your decompression tool.


ISBN 0-471-19664-9
432 Pages
October, 1997

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