The Daily Blobby

President is a Space Alien!

Recent research by the Agency for Interplanetary Invasion has uncovered proof that the President of the United States, Fred Muldoon, is actual a space alien from the planet Glaxon!

X-Ray of President's Head

These X-rays, recently provided by a secret White House source, show a decidedly non-human cranial shape, and clearly display the atypical rounded, blissful face common to the Glaxonians.

White House officials denied the reports, but were unable to explain the X-ray, nor the President's perpetual "happy-face" seen over the past two months.

Proposed Park Logo

Our white house agents have recovered evidence of an interplanetary conspiracy to replace all major earth leaders by Glaxonian replacements, and to eventually turn Earth into an amusement park, run by Glaxonian management, with earthlings as working staff.

The proposed park logo would reflect the earth's position as the third planet from the sun ...