Meeting Announcement

Calling All Aardvarks!

This note is to announce an upcoming meeting of Calling All Aardvarks, a new organization devoted to our furry forest friend, the aardvark. This largely uncelebrated animal is known for its friendly nature, unswerving devotion to community, and, of course, for eating ants. What animal could possibly make a better live-in companion?

Of course, not everyone is ready to have an aardvark as a pet. First, you must be willing to have lots of ants around the house -- after all, if you don't, then your new friend will have nothing to eat. And they must be live ants, as aardvarks don't like dead ones (or plastic ones, as discovered by Julian Bashir, our association president, some 8 years ago).

But what cost a few ants, if in exchange for the kindest and gentlest of companions....