The FONT Element

Font Size -- You can use FONT to control font size. For example, this is odd looking, as I adjusted the size of each letter. You can use this for large capital letters in headings:

IAN GRAHAM'S HOME PAGE -- (with size change on leading letters)

Font Color -- You can can also control text color. For example, the default text is black, but the following words are bright red, bright green, and light gray. This of course, loses some of its impact when printed in black and white....
Font Face -- Some browsers support font face control. This is nonstandardized, and depends on (a) browser support for this extension, and (b) the presence of the font on your computer. Here is a table of some examples:

Arial Book antiqua Helvetica
modern times arial black
bookman garamond helvetica-narrow
palatino lucida sans arial-bold