More Table Examples

First Example: Images in Tables

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Second Example: Text in two columns

Here is the first column of text. This could go on, and on, and on and on, and on, and on, which is to say that I have completely lost any any sense of what to type for these examples. Oh, I know -- how about throwing in a list:

  • here's a nice item
  • and here's another

But that's enough, now for the second column.

Here we go with the second column. This column sits nicely next to the other one, and is separated by the invisible cell border. Cells can contain all sorts of markup elements, so you can create very sophisticated things inside these cells, such as:


If a browser does not understand tables, then this will be presented as a single page of single-column text: this is one example where things will still be readable, even if the browser does not understand tables.