Example of the PRE Element

The PRE element is often used to include blocks of plain text. For example you can use it to include examples of typed code, such as the following extract from a C program:

/* main program for fitting program */

extern int *sharv;

static char boggle[100];

main (int argc, char *argv)

double x_transpose, y_transpose, f_ack=2.3;



PRE is also useful for simple tables, as in:

   Item          Price     Tax    Total        Category

   fileserver    10000     300    10300           A

   disk drive      900      30      930           B

  transmission    4400     110     4510           C

  fertilizer      5500     100     5600           F

The markup tags take up no space: if you delete everything alt the tags inside the PRE, you will see that all the columns line up.